The Fioretta shop offers the best of traditional Hyblean produce.

Fioretta maintains a tradition which puts customer satisfaction at the top of its list of objectives, and so the company’s sales point offers a delicious selection of products from the Hyblean region.
In addition to offering the complete range of its own fresh cheeses, the sales point provides a tempting display featuring the very


best locally-produced specialities: a wonderful range of delicacies which features some of the typical cheese of the local area such as “Ragusano PDO” and “Cosacavaddu”.
An essential point of reference for those with discerning tastes.


You will find everything you need here for serving a quick but delicious supper: fresh bread, salami, “piadine”, ready prepared salads, and so on.

The Fioretta sales point is at Via Risorgimento 92, in the Sacro Cuore district of Modica. (Google Maps)

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